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Living a Purposeful Life

Carolyn Marshall Covington is a dedicated business professional with expertise in salon/spa ownership, management, and personal empowerment. She has passionately served the beauty industry for over 40 years, employing over 1500 people, many of which have achieved great success in their own right as entrepreneurs, celebrity stylists, and educators. “Carolyn has always been considered a role model and polestar for success in the hair industry. She graduated from Bladensburg Vocational High School, studying Cosmetology, and blazed a trail from DC/ MD area to NC. She studied abroad and traveled frequently. On one of her many cross-country trips, she discovered the name and concept for her dream salon.

Carolyn was awarded the prestigious (Hair –n- Motion) Living Legend award in 2015 and the BBU Leadership Legacy Award in 2016, for excellence and dedication to the Beauty industry. From salon owner, platform artist, and educator to new product development, utilizing innovative cutting-edge technology, Carolyn’s self-driven highly motivated professionalism has propelled her to the top rankings in her craft Carolyn opened Jolie the Day Spa in Cameron Village in 2000, a dream that became a reality.

It was also the year she came face to face with the biggest challenge of her life. Carolyn was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) a degenerative eye disease. Carolyn is legally blind. However, this did not impede Carolyn’s quest to help make a difference in and help advance the lives of others.

After rehabilitation and adjustment, Carolyn’s second act was to become the founder and president of Insightful Visionaries, a 501(c)3 non-profit whose mission is to empower persons with disabilities.   https://insightfulvisionaries.org/.

Through advocacy, education, health/wellness, arts & entertainment, she and the Board of Insightful Visionaries, Inc. work to ensure that person with disabilities are not excluded. A key priority for Insightful Visionaries is to help the disable with equal employment opportunities.  Programs provided through Insightful Visionaries not only focus on adults, but youth have the opportunity to develop self-esteem, socials skill and independent living skills.   As President of Insightful Visionaries, the community knows that Carolyn is a true advocate for diversity and inclusion for the disabled.

“When you are blindsided in life you have to stand still and know that God has a bigger plan and purpose for your life. I have too much energy and too many dreams to fulfill before I think about sitting on the sidelines. I am still in it to win it. I believe that sharing my knowledge and experience through lectures and workshops is a perfect and fulfilling way to stay active in this amazing beauty industry to which I have dedicated most of my life, and remain purposed to be a leader and, a positive role model and mentor to future generations.”

– Carolyn Marshall Covington

2020 NC Women Business Owners Hall of Fame
2020 Beacon Story – Foundation Fighting Blindness 
2019 Stronger Together National Commercial – FFB
2019 WRAL – Black History Month Community Role Model
2016 BBU Awards (Beauty & Barbers United) Leadership Legacy Award

Organizations Carolyn is involved with

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